Page 9 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Wrecks And Salvage
P. 9
WRECKS AND SALVAGE ment is to be made as to the total loss of a vessel or the safe arrival of one long overdue. A recent example of the loss of a treasure-laden vessel is the P. 66 O. liner Oceana, rvhich sank ofi Beachy llead after colliding with a German barque. This vessel had 9750,000 in gold and silver on board, but with the exception of two bars of silver of'small value, the whole rv&s recovered by the divers qf the Liverpool Salvage Company. If tho vessel had sunk in deep water nothing would have been saved. Every day brings its tale of disaster to Lloyd's, and although modern science averts and minimizes maIr.r'losses, tho sea will ahvays claim ite deadly toll. G. A. Hnxonnson. Pfoar 6'1 tt'-q'n fo rEti RBscfftl llo E ttd' bov ror4b tbs g6., tbe brrvc lljeboat mclt era alwrye reody to rclpoad to tlc rignel tor brlp
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