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TT RECKS AND SALVAGE lies at Tobermory, .on the west' coast of Scotland, and many articles havo been brought to the surface from it. Perhaps t h o bcst known of tho rvrecked treasure ships is the Lutine, which was lost rvith ail her crew off tho 1."fffi Dutuh coast. Sho A. II . II otke.'l fI{E " rgtror,ruxt.l " B.l,TtrRro gY EEAVY SIAS OFF LOE BAR, was a French war- CORNWALL. ship which had been captured by the English and placed in our fleet. On October 9, 1799, the Lutine left Yarmouth Roads for Cuxhaven, with a great treasure of gold and silver in bars and coin. Twenty-four hours later she v'as wrecked on Vlie Island, near the Ztyder Zee, and all her crew perished. Many attempts have since been made to salve the treasure. About f,80,000 was recovered almost immediately by local fishermen, lvithout any benefit to the unddrwriters of Lloyd's, whoso property it was, for England and Holland rvere then at war. X'urther attempts were made from time to time, and in 1857, rvhen the shifting sands were removed by a furious storm, divers succeeded in recovering about 940,000, together with the ship's bell and the rudder. A large portion of this 8um \r'as handed to Lloyd's, in rvhose great room now hangs the famous bell, which is struck bo command silenoe 8. C^r,r.l when an announce- A NAVAL DIVER AT WOBtr.
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