Page 7 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Wrecks And Salvage
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3 {l WRECKS ,AND SALYAGE I I 1 ir I I I i : T a" By MtlcsJ ot '&BAN LIFTING A SEIP. The. salvage of lost treasure is of romantic interest, and stories of wrecked'treasure ships are always eagerly received. When the Great Armada was driven up the North Sea by a strong wind, with Drake and Raleigh in pursuit, many of the great Spanish galleons, laden yith gold, were wrecked around oT coast. One of these vessels r-. I i .-t B! courltt! oll b.rrruoe rLoATrNc Doct EttLED rN oRDtB To ERrNo rgt Borrou or srDt wALL oulr or rrrt WATER 'OB PAINTINCI AND REPAIBINO. 260
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