Page 6 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Wrecks And Salvage
P. 6
WR}CKS AND SALYAGE from the bow with dynamite and towed into dock. Meanwhile a nelv bow was being built at Belfast. When this was ready it was towed round to Southampton and fixed on to the stern portion. Within a few months the Sueaic was at sea again as though nothing had hap- pned. ,t *r.ll fMcstrt. Chtk & Standficld. lbe full sto4v of the skill, perseverance and daring of modern stsors sould furnish many a thrilling tale. Often, after many wea,ry montts of hanl rrork and privation, their efiorts are frustrated by a gre.t storan which destroys their labour, and completes the ruin they bese struggH to prevent 26e
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