Page 5 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Wrecks And Salvage
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WR,ECKS AND. SALVAGE a specially-equipped salvage steamer alongside, as shorvn in the pic- tures. There are ma,ny impgrtant salvage companics which keep steamers always ready to undertake this kind of 'work. One of the best known is the Liverpool Salvage Association, lr'hose steattrers are always prepared to proceed to a wreck. One of them is fitted with motor pumps that can bring up no less than 2,350 tous of rvater'per hour. It frequently happens that, after everything possible has been **-r;prre' Pholol lTof iral. rnr " ltt'raxtc." 'Ihe foundering of t'lris magnificent vossel rJrr lrcr tirst voyrgc to Nt'rv Yorli (.q,pril 14. I9l2) is too fresh irr the public tnelr)orv to need further rt'Iererrcc. Of tlle 2,10{i pass'ngers arrd crerr, i03 u'ere everiturlly rescued by the ('arpathia from tlre ship's boats. done to release a stranded vessel, it lies in such an awkward. position that it ca,nnot be towed cleai of the rocks, and in sonlc cases a part of the steamer has been cut ofi, and left, whilc the remaining portion is salved. One of the finest feats of repairing known \4'as that of the s.s. Sueuic. She ran aground in the English Channel, and for a long time defied all efiorts to get her off. Finally the stenr was cut away . 258
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