Page 4 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Wrecks And Salvage
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WR,ECKS AND SALVAGE ? I By coutt r! oll court r! oll ltfz Awp@l Salotlc Ltwbtbi By TIIE ('taBr. " rsnogn ar rraNDrtlAg, NoRTE wArJEs. sEE wAs aucctagytlrJry BEFLoAt[tD. by sharp rocks, the first thing to do is to patch the leaks, and if the ship is covered at low water this work is done by divers. Sometimes the rocks have to be blown away by dynamite. When tho holes are patched up, the water is pumped out by powerful motor or steam pumps, which are placed on board for the purpose or else worked from lPcnzdnce. tt - tl?r(rcLus" lSBoBr orr PoBILAIrD. tlEE sal,yact ltrEAf,EB " r,rNNEn " llro ornsr cBAFT -atr.,l ALONGSIDE. 257
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