Page 4 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Life On A Liner
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LItr'E ON A LINER down again, and the attendant will stop at any floor, just as he would in a hotel or a large shop ashore. In the intermediato types of passenger steamships, and these are the great majority, thero aro no lift.* or winter gardens, swimmi.g-baths or gym- nasia, but the passengers are riot less comfortablo on that account. By night and day electric fans and concealed pipes draw the vitiated eir from oven tho innslpsgf, cabins, replacing it by invigorating fresh .."r.s"j:lgsj:',:.: ${..:."f1 1, TEE DrNnro salooN oN TEE " BALUoBAL castr,E " (urnor-ceerr,E I,INE), rea air, and in cold weather the incoming air is warmed. On many large steamers thero are what are called " tandem cabins "-t[s inner cabins being provided with portholes-and some of the big linere on the New York route contain suites of rooms like small flats, so that wealthy passengers'c&n secure as much privacy as they care to pay for. Solid silver fittings, silk tapestries and curtains, the best of carpets, and the most artistic furniture are provided. Many of the cabine and all the euites havo their own lavatory accommodation and bath-
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