Page 2 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Life On A Liner
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LIX'E ON A LINER occupy that place at every meal. Other stewards will direct 5'ou to your sleeping ff:-, 6l cr,bin or berth, and wait upon you at qla- [n] rl il fFt tt 8i f ' ,r I table. It is a mis- ! I take to suppose, as i t\ some people appear I to do, that the Com- pany thoughtfully provide stewards merely for passen- gers to grumble at. The picture on A srATEnoof,r oN TrrE " ueunetlNtA." the next page, a sec- tion of one of tho Whit€ Star vessels, shows how the decks on tho principal liners are arranged. Itwill beseen that nearly the whole of the ship is given over to tho passengers, to the. store-rooms, mail-rooms, and tho various -engines. The space available foi cargo is very small pon- sidering tho sizo of tho vessel, and is occuPied principally by light goods for which rapid transit is necessery. The engines and the boiler-rooms and coal bunkers also occupy a great deal of space. 0n the newer Trans- atlantic boats thero &re lifts, or elevators, rvhich rwill take you from the lou'est pa,ssenger decks in the saloon section almost to the highest, or l, tlI! ox rtr " xaulEtatttL'
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