Page 13 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Life On A Liner
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LIX'E ON A LINER thing else ea,sy to wield and not likely to hurt much, until one or other of the players falls ofi into & sail of water. Leap-frog is played with rules not ob- served onshore, and there are potato races, cork and Lt Dy 6vtt.y on spoon races, and A WEEEL.BARROW RACT. many other events. Skipping matches, tob, are generally popular. ^ hfr" musically-inclined are sure to fi.nd in the music-room somo spirits. On every ocean-going steamer a concert in aid of the Seamen's Orphanage is got up at least once every voyage, and some- times other charities connected with seamen benefit also. A tour of inspection of the ship is always interesting, but it is very bad form to gratify idle curiosity by examining the quarters of other classes of. passengers, as such intrusion is naturally resented. Each class has its own quarters and it is a breach of the unwritten rules of etiquette at sea for passengers of one class to enter another class unless specially invited, such as to a concert or other entertainment. Each class usually arranges its own entertain- ments, and onlY ex- tends an invitation to the other classes if it sees fit, the saloon 'qet' ting the lead- in this respect; though in tho case of a gYmkhana arrangedby the saloon it is customary to givo the other classes the opportunity of being present if theY wish. X'ancy dress balls and TI]O-O'-WAR ON A VNIONCASTI,E I,INER. 86
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