Page 12 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Life On A Liner
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LIFE oN A LINER, y"yr of playing. Une is to attempt to throw the rope rings. or quoits on I' , i to pegs; another to d"op them into squeres chalked on the deck; a third method is to try which side can get the most quoits ri-'i I lt..t, nearest to a singlo :'z: l k'. chalk mark. a rrBnr-cr/Ass surrr oN TT euoits loyari 1"^*^ffiffi RArLwry). "t*r give a good deal of the vessel, and somorimes rhe_wind., have to uu uuornl#?:lt*"rT#fJf player ashore is not always the best afloat. Shovet_Uoard, or shuffo- j"r."iu"a boa'rd, is generally popular, and can best uu game between shove-balfpenny ", a half-way and curring. Those who like Borlo- thing morb boisterous can indulge in the;;% "iil;;r-khana, which usually provoke scre&ms of laighter from start to daisn. Thero are wheelbanow races .. with human bar- rows " who may or may not have roller skates on their hands for tho wheels; and ob- stacle races, with a eail full of wator for one of the obstacles and swir,rging bar- rels for another. In spar fights the contestants straddle a spar and belabour each other with pillows or footballs or any- A ?EIRD.CLASS ROO!{ ON fFE ROYAL LINE. tl 'OUR.BTRTE
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