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Life on a Liner A IIYONE who finds a voyagrcven a very long one-on a modern .{_\ passenger steamer dull, must be hard to please. It matters littlo whero you go-to the Land of the Midnight Sun and as ne&r the North Pole as one of the Orient, P. & O., or Royal Mail Steam Packet yacht ing steamers, or a Wilson liner, will take you; or as close to the South Pole as the Straits of I\Iagellan; to the X'ar East, " where every prospect pleases " and modern civilization is curiously blended with customc centuries old; or westward to the great American continenL-in all c&ses the steamship companies will do their best to make you comfort- able, to feed you well, and to give you every possible pleasure. When you embark, the most important official, so far as you are concerned, is" not the captain-that high and mighty dignitary has quite enough to do without looking after the passengers personally the chief -but stervard of that portion of the ves- sel (saloon, second, or steerage) you are travelling in. After inspecting your ticket, he will assign you a place at table, and i it is understood RV @uil.ry on Ilh. Roval Mai) SIF Peacl O.. thi:Bts vou will cBlcxEt oN Bo_{RD, .$
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