Page 4 - Wonder Book Of Ships - Life Of An Officer On A Liner
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THE SHIP'S OFT'ICERS they have to do, you wonder rvhy the numbers are not greater. Somo of tho stewards have to attend to the dining-saloons, keeping thom clean, setting the tables for meals and clearing them afterwards, and waiting on the passengers. Others are told ofl to look after the slecp- ing-cabins ; others have charge of the smoke-rooins and bars; others, again, are d.eck-stervards and see that you have a ;leck-chair and a rug whenovor you rvant them ; rvhile vet others are in charge of the bath- rooms and the gymnasium. Certain.cabins are reserved for ladies only, and those are looked after by a dozen or more stervardesses. Stewardesses' situations &re much sought after; they are mostl.y given to the relatives of men rvho have died rvhile in the Company's service. Perhaps tho next group to approach will puzzlo you. It includcs tho ship's orchestra, lift attendants, rvireless telegraph operators, tele- phone men, and the editorial and printing stafTs of the daily paper publislied on board. But before these various companies can do their work the ship's rtores have to be put into the storerooms. Norv, suppose you do a fo\y sums to find out something about the number of articles required * ;. j"ai= j lr -t .tdl ,._A b tll .l lt Li,. " r. vN E1a U 7- c 6. * oe- .o,.- LTNER !' LARDER. ltb rhows thc numbcr of anlmeh end birds nocessary to Etock a Cunarder for a slnglc short voyrgr
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