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BUILDING A BIG SHIP travel half so quick- ly. When the plans. are ready, it is usual to constructamodel of the vessel a few feet long and to find out by experiments in a tank whether she will fulfil the requirements the owner has asked for. If a vessel is one of a recognized rno " eguttlNre " ruunoterEt,y AFTrR, THE LAUNctt. typ", one model only for the type is required, eagh builder, of course, making his own. The positions of all the rivets are indicated, and the sizes of the rivet- holes, to the smallest fraction of an inch, are marked on the plans. In fact, there is not a piece of iron to go into the ship which is not indicated. When the plans are completed in the draughtsmen's department, they are taken to what isknown as the "mouldinglo{t,"wherethey are'drawn on the floor to"the actual size, and all calculations as , to the shapes and curves of the different parts are corrected. Only 'building. after this has been done can a start be made with the The illustra- tion on p. f 41 shows how the keel of the Olyrnpic was put together. It rests on a wooden bed, and a, little way along you will notice the floor- plates and attach- ments for fastening the thick bottom frames to the keel- son. These frames Photol . ISPort & Oon?ml. form, with the. TT'CTS TOIVING TIIE " lqtrt't.tNre " out lx rlrE RlvEIi. 1{;
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