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I BUILDING A BIG SHIP consist of thousands of tons of solid masonryor concrete. Equally necessary is thb immense steel erection called a ttgantryrtt some- thing like the frame- work of a roofless shed, which has to be large enough to contain the ship from the keel to the uppermost deck. It lSporl & tlqwal. rur " equruNre " orv rrrE sr,rpwAy. -: must be many feet higherthanthe ship, for along the top is a double set of rails, one on each side, on which steam or electric cranes may be run,'while there is also a travel- ling platform, also bearing rails, rvhich extends across the gantry from one side to the other. The preparations for constructing a ship may cost a large sum before a single plate of her keel has been placed in position. Plans to show how she is to be built must first be made ready. Steam- ships for difierent trades or purposes are difierently shaped. Some have the engines placed . ne&r the stern; some are to carTy pa,ssengers and some are not I others are inten- ded to cq,rry all sorts of general cargo; dthers, again, will carry only cargo in bulk, suchas grain, coal, ore, or oil. Some are to be speedy, ,r -. _,/pi I,,Ld Blt couttes! oll fUessts. Ilarlanil & Volt, Lfn. others need not tttE " ol,ylrprc,'s " BOILER,9. l.lJ a
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