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BUILDING A BIG SHIP the length the more the tendency shows itself. If the ends droop, she is said. to 't hog," if she droops in the middle, she is . said to " rag." A longitudinal bulk- head, if built suffi- ciently strongly, is the best means yet devised of counter- acting these two tendencies. If you look at the cross sectional plan of the ffi; tUun. Eatbntl e VoU, IA. --d.4 -r- Great Eastern,which coNsrRuquNo rED DouBLt Borfou or rEa ..oLl-r[pro." had a total length of 692 fcet, you rvill sce the arrangement of bulkheads and how a number of the features of modern liners were anticipated, notably the inner anC outer " skinr'l or shell, the hope being that, in case of collision, cinly the outer skin would be pierced, and the vessel rvould thus still be able to float. The value of her double bottom was proved when sho toro a hole about l0Ofeetlong in the outer skin upon a rock, but continued her voyage without her safety being impaired. Tho Maaretania has double sides extending from the bottom to the water- line, and, after the loss of the Titnnic, it was determined to give the White Star liner Britannio (since treacherously sunk by the Germans while serving as a hospital ship) double sides, and to alter the Ol'ympic, l. Dppor Seloon ou Main Deok. 2. Principal Seloon in Lower Deck. 3. Side Cabins oad Berths. 4. Tunnelg fdr sto6n and woter pipcr 6. Boiler. 6. Coal Bunkerg. 7. Spae betwoon ekine of ehip. 8. Skylights to principal ralooc 9. Doublo Deok. tlBr.!{gvaRsp sEctnoN or rBE " onnel n.tstrnx."
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