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BUILDING A BIG SHIP the great vessel to her allotted berth for the engines and boilers to be lowered into the hold. , The cabin fit- tings have been prepared in ad- vance, and the change which decorators, uphol- sterers, painters and electric light fitters are able to make in a, few rEE " lmLEsg " (nr,ua rnNNrL r,rNE) wrrE MAsrg ag bERRrct POLBS ONI,Y. days is astonish- ing. Everything required has been ordered in'advance, even to the smallest item, and it is said that if you show a chief shoro steward a new teaspoon he will tell you-in which cupboard it is to be placed. As the size of every cabin and room is already known, all the carpets arrive ready to be put down, and every item of furniture fits to the ihch intb its allotted place. The pattern too, of every decoration, a4d of every electric light bracket and stand is chosen before' hand. Nothing that can be calculated is forgotten. Large pa,ssengor liners have their sides carried up to the bridge deck, to allow for the many docks devoted to recreation, promenading, end so or, but most vessels have one, two or three decks only. The majorityof steamers havo their engines amidships. 8y curt ,v on |Mctsn. Earlatd & Wol0, Tho forepart of all Tan t'oLYMPrctg tt cE NGr vALvE. t{E
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