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Fr- gf € F-- E' F' F h., E BIG STEAMERS ,,. i: ,.' from quite a number of routes to Quebec and Montreal The L' 5 vessels of the Cunard Company run from London and South- t :: ampton; the X'urness liners from London; the AILan liners from j London, Liverpool and Glasgow; the Canadian Northern Railway Company's " Royal Line " from Bristol; the Canadian-Pacific liners and the White Star-Dominion steamers from Liverpool; the Donald- eon line steamers from Glasgow; the Manchester Liners from IIan- chester; and the Thomson liners from the Tyne and Tees, and, in F, ,; . kr w, t-'. This is not a " Tube " Railwoy out of place, It is only one of the Mouretamb'e fumele a,s it would eoma; _- plmed in Argyle Street, Glmgirw. Th6re is plenty of room inside for two linee of ebti;c t""-*it!. conjunction with the Cunard line, from London. Every one of these compa,nies has at least a weekly sailing each way in the season, but in the winter the departures aro less frequent, and are to St. John (New Brunswick) or Halifax (Nova Scotia). Arrived in Canadar 5rou can continue Jronr journey to Australia by one of several roritos by steamer across the great lakes in summer, or by train all the way, until you reach Vancouver, on the western coast, where again there is a choice of routes. You can go direct to
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