Page 19 - The Wonder Book Of Ships - Big Steamers
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BIG STEAMER,S to the West Indies and Central and South American ports, and the Houston line, the Lamport and. Holt line, the Gulf line, the llaclver line, the Allan line, Houlder Bros.' line, the Booth line, the Anglo- Brazilian lino and the Nelson line aro all in the trade between tho United Kingdom and South America. The United X'ruit Company sends steamers to the West Indies, and the Booker line and Elders & X'yfies, Ltd., both have regular end direct services from Liverpool, the last-named despatching its boats two or three times weekly. The l\fediterranean and the Baltic are also well served both by British and Continental companies. a 'ii jiM rhough,u ; ;;" ;;" ffi; ;;; .""", rather con- fusing, if you take the trouble to look the various places out on tho map and then.think of all the great steamers ploughing their way to them day and night, through all sorts of weather, ;rou will understand the force of Mr. Kipling's fine verses called " Big Steamersr" and especially of the concluding lines:- " Ior the breod tlwt you eat and the biscuits you mfrble, The sueets tlwt gou suclc a,nl, the ,iodnts tha,t you cante, Tlwg are brought to gou dailg bg all. us Big Steomers, And, il ctnyone hirld,ers our aming you'll staruel"
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