Page 14 - The Wonder Book Of Ships - Big Steamers
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BIG STEAMERS The journey by way of the Suez Canal is still called the " Over- land Route,'? because in the days before the Canal was built passengers had to cross the isthmus by vehicles or on horseback and at the other side embark on another steamer. Now travellers remain on the steamer all the time and pass in leisurely fashion through the Canal. The British India line will take you to Australia by way of India and various ports in the East Ind.ies and the Torres Straits. Then your eteamer passes down the Queensland coast, between the shore and f1 I I I I lr F- -.trr itl r ,- I rEE "avoN" (Royal, uarl, rrrau pacrrn oo.). the Great Barrier Reef. This is the greatest coral reef in the world ; it is some hundreds of rniles in length and in places is several miles a,cross. At last you come to Brisbane, where connection is made with the services of the other great companies Several lines of steamers go to Australia by the Cape of Good Hope. The largest are those of the White Star line, which sends some of itg $tenmers also to Tasmania and New Zealand. Other 6xsslls1f, lines are Thompson's Aberdeen line, the Milburn, the Shaw, Savill, and
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