Page 11 - The Wonder Book Of Ships - Big Steamers
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BIG STEAMERS principal British pa,ssenger lines to Nerv York, but there are a number of other important services botween British and United States ports by which many passengers are carried. From Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore o" Ne* York you can travel across the United States to San X'rancisco, where you embark on one of the Pacific Mail steamers to the Far East, and change at a Chinese or Japanese port to an Australian-bound boat. Or you can travel direct to Australia bytheAustralian and American lineor tire Union Steamship Company of New Zealand: Should you desire to go all the way from Britain to Australia by sea you will travel either by way of the Suez Canal or the Cape of TrrE " nlrpnnss or rNDrA " (cereoreN-eAcrFro RArLwAy). Good Hope. The P. & O. line and the Orient lines, whose steamers sail from London, carry the mails and are very popular because there is so much to break the monotony of the voyage. The route is by way of the Meditenanean, through the Suez Canal and across tho Indian Ocean. The Orient steamers call at Plymouth, and the other ports of call of the two lines include Gibraltar, Marseilles, Naples or Brindisi, sometimes Malta, Port Said, Suez and Colombo. Aden is sighted, but a stop is not often made there. The first Australian port is X'remantle, in West Australia; then in the order named come Port Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
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