Page 10 - The Wonder Book Of Ships - Big Steamers
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BIG STEA-IIIERS tr.* - .rff* I F f t- -;- *. I & SoN. Ltd.l | !1416ont. New Zealand and Sydney, calling at Honolulu and perhaps at X'iji or Tahiti ; or you can take the magnificent steamer of the Canadian- Pacific line to Japan or China and there embark on a Japanese steamor of the Nippon Yusen-Kaisha, line, which will take you southward to Australia. Or perhaps you would prefer to reach Australia by way of the United States. In that case you may sail from Southampton or Liverpool for New York by the White Star Line, frorn Liverpool by the Cunard line, or from Glasgow by the Anchor line. These are the A VESSEL O.F TEE ROYAL LINE, CANADIAN NOR,THERN R,AIIWAY. I9
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