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* a 4 T IS a shame that the director of A tyrant on the film set? Not me, says Titanic Titanic does not come across as a monster. Meeting Mr director James Cameron, I've never yelled at Reasonable when you're expecting the commander of an actor in my life. By GUY WATTARS a Japanese P.O.W. Camp is a great disappointment. If all the stories about Canadian film director courteous and charming when you meet two thousand rank-and-file people on rhe James Cameron were true, only a fool him - friendly even - that you could safely movie. Journalists don't see the more- would wish to spend an hour in his introduce him to your mother. creative and intimate relationships I have company, for fear of great personal injury Cameron, a 44-yearold universiry with actors. I have never yelled at an actor or an emotional mugging, dropout who worked as a machinist and a in my entire career." After Steven Spielberg, Cameron is truck driver before following his childhood Some might find that last statement probably today's most successful film obsession into films, does not worry about extraordinary. Even more surprising is that director. His method is that of an obsessive the myths that surround him. "I don't know Cameron claims that he was not hands-on with a savage bark. His technical staff what they are," he says, "I can't even enough in the making of Titanic. He left are supposed to have taken to wearing think in those terms." much of the pre-production to others, T-shirts proclaiming; You don't scare me, But come on, surely he is aware that he leaving him time to write scripts for two I work for James Cameron. One of. is regarded as a spectacular autocrat?'That other films. Later, when he fully joined the female stars of his tilm True Lies is is always written by people who have never Titanic, he realised that he had not been alleged to have said: "Jim has a motto: seen me," he rebuffs. "The problem is that able to predict the budget and the duck or bleed." people never distinguish between my schedules. This lack of awareness was But frustratingly, Cameron is so working relationships with actors and the perhaps a blessing in disguise: "Ifwe had 8
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