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strike over, every available ton of coal was Guggenheim, one of six millionaires on disappeared nothing remained but a grey purloined to speed the Titanic onher board, changed out of his pyjamas into drifting vapour... for perhaps a minute we maiden voyage to New York. evening dress to meet his maker. He is heard the cries of the drowning... then there Often, coal sluiced down the chutes into reponed to have shouted down to those in was silence... it was the worst sound of all." the boilers caused combustion, a the lifeboats:'Tell my wife I died like a It is perhaps the lack of photographs, of conflagration easily put out by hoses. This gentleman." The fact that he was on board television coverage, that has kept the happened to lhe Titanic but although she *'ith his mistress - she sun'ived - is. it sinking so clear in our minds. Perhaps, in a was given a certificate of sea-worlhiness, would seem. beside the point. Although it is time when technical advances can portray the fire in her boilers raged on. It,*'as true that only tw'o or three of the women accurate and on+he-spot images of disaster, burning when she left Belfast for and children from first class perished, all we are more moved by pictures in the head. Southampton and still burned when she but a handful of their menfolk stepped back The imagination can be snuffed out by the steamed from Cherbourg, in France, to to drown or freeze to death. news camera. Queenstown, Ireland. First reports of the disaster stated that For myself, writing about such a tragedy It was doused two days before her brush the ship, though damaged, was being was a fortunate choice because no sooner with the iceberg, by which time her steel towed safely to Nova Scotia without loss of had the idea surfaced, than there occurred plates, impure and compounded of life. The truth surfaced ten hours later a renewed and frenzied interest in the iron, had become brittle. and with it began the fairy tales legend. Though never under the delusion It was the knowledge of the lnd the horror stories; the that I was capable of writing a potboiler, fire that intrigued me. Below, gallantry and the cowardice I did realise I might have a pan on the stove. stripped to the waist, the manufactured by the newspapers With hindsight, I now know why the stokers fought to subdue the from eyewitness accounts of those subject appealed to me. At school, when the blaze. Five decks up, dancers in the lilfeboats:'The ship stood on whole class was reprimanded for some swirled across the dance floor. end for five minuets. The lights on misdeed and the culprit urged to own up, Out in the darkness, that board flickered, went out, came on I often shot to my feet - whether guilty again, then went out for good... the or not. I relished self-sacrifice, for it made night sky was thick with stars that me feel good. Courage, like the subject When the Titanic pricked out her shape as she began to of an author's or film director's began to sink, the slide into the deep... when she work, has nothing to do with the soul upper classes - only upbringing. I assembled on the boat deck. T**mmc$* #m**m * Ilme to shootfilm:9 modhc Tlme to bulH rurl CrlU 24 morh3 e ftrnnigtine olfilm:3hn l4mlnr liinking tme of linen 2hrc tl{lmlns * Letgtt of actral lbrtu EtIlft 9in tength of Cameron's Tlfanic 77 8ft It took 23 lom olblhr, baln oil ad roft aoap to greare tlre wayt when Trclnlcvag hunched hG in keepitqgd$ White Star Line polhy, therc was no chlkilenlng a 9tlp builderl lhrlad and Wolff cmployed l4,lllXl nen. Gamerur'rfilm gave rpeaklng p.rtr to 118 - tfirce timec nore tlun noct filmr. ln additio, tfterc wcre 1,8(X1 exUas ln the scene at Souframpton e So rmry pascngpn had brcudt their dogp aboad that a dog show was planned lor lllonday, Aprll 15. Two eccaped ln eady lihbortr canying felv peopl8 'q Amnstho frrt c{a!s pa3aergprl rer€ ebtt ltonevmoaritg coudoc # fhcru serc 3k ndlllonaircc on board, $c dchect beiry lohn lacob Arilor. AlUrolgf film dircctor lamec Gameron waived his fu., ho plckcd up a bonur ol $3ll mi[ifi *ftih l(ate mmht took home an exba $G(Xl,llfll ,* Regulatbnr dated that lilrlIbnust hcu 16 lihboG. lhringfilmiry Gamolon's rtarrrcrc potocted by 3ll lilegnrdr * fte fint llletoat lorcrcd wac NumbGr Scilon. luli 28 d 65 dacor wele filld * Itrce peoplc rort hurt dudrg tln maHrg dthe film - lnfurhr lncludod cnc*cd dbo rd a bmltsn hg
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