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drJ I happy to brag that he has the condition. Ireland Tourist Board organised a tour Although he I le claimed that he watched 7'itanic, which of the Harland and Wolff shipyard, in bid nine times runs for more than three hours, twice a day Belfast. u'here the liner was built. the predicted vuhenever he could. The huge succcss of Cameron's film price, Mr The Internet became the meeting place also generated interest in visiting the Jarson said: for many addicts of the film. More than wreck of the liner. two miles down in "l would have 1.5,000 documents on liranic were produced the Atlantic and 370 miles off the paid five times by fans before it even came out. C)n its Canadian coast. Bristol-based travel as much again release enthusiastic viewers launched company Wildwings, is planning for this piece of hundreds more sites and chat rmrms. trips to the wreck, at 119,500 a history." The the imaginative scale of some of the sites head, in the same pair of three- messages from the is itself titanic. ln Original Titanic seater submarines that Cameron stricken liner read: Roleplay, fans take on the roles of used to film thc wreck. Another firm, "Have struck characters in the film and play out the Brodie-Good, is currently taking bookings iceberg... require storyline. Titanic Scrapbook, an impressive for trips to the wreck next summer - at assistance" and "Sinking... we are pufting archive of facts and pictures, has received L21,775 per person. passengers off in small lifeboats". more than 134,000 hits, and James That may sound a lot of money but fans For less wealthy fans, a popular souvenir Cameron is interviewed about the have already shown how willing they are to is aTitanic whistle like the one blown by techniques and equipment he used, on part with cash. At an auction at Christie's Kate Winslet in the movie. Hundreds of 1 me rican C ine matographer's Titanic site. in London, American businessman Ralph orders were received by J. Hudson and Co, American tourists were fascinated by the Jarson paid t.l1,000 for two notes jotted a Birmingham company which made the Titanic's connections with Ireland. down by the radio operator of the ship Acme Thunderer whistles used by the real In response to demand, the Northern Virginian, which heard Titanic's SOS calls. Titanic as well as the one in the film. r e Lord Gnde'r tutrdrlib'nb l19E0l, wthh urcd a S5ft-long mod{ lcft, rank r{dnut brce hcr than tfie lincr ol the tlth a Tho rmrl rc-rsclr s Ardlcncol gpt ln on tln rcG fioc{rcd to rce witlt $e mrde-fuFlV Attwt e ln 195i1, S0STltanlc, !t rhS Wt \s' fftrrb ttr.rltg lhvld Wamor end 0 nlealed in l95t Brilan Statnrfclq 9ren $lemr+ ii ad rianlry A NIEHT TO ron rn Orcrr br bllltgthc riory o Xilmft ilor€ bsil rcdpt 5 o ilNillillt :."tt$htlt0 ;,ilil101ilt,,."tfllstullttl
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