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Don'[ tell its legion of IIII TIII]IIC STllRY fans that Titanic is (continued. from page 30) " J. Brute Ismay". Lord Mersey defended him in the British Inquiry report, writing: "As to the attack on Mr a film. As CHRIS Bruce Ismay, it resolved itself into the suggestion that, occupying iust OTTVER WITSON the position of managing director... some moral duty was imposed upon him to wait on board until the vessel foundered. "l do not agree. Mr Ismay, after rendering assistance to many reports, many will go passengers, found C Collapsible, the last boat on the starboard to great lengths to side, actually being lowered. No other people were there at the time. There was room for him and he jumped in. Had he not jumped in, he would simply have added one more life, namely his fuel their obsession own, to the number of those lost." In June 1913, Ismay retired from the presidency of the IMM. He ithin days of its release, the wished to remain a director of White Star, but his colleagues ftlm Titanic, directed by insisted he retire from that position also. However, far from James Cameron, was being becoming a recluse, as legend has it, Ismay continued as chair- hailed as a modern classic. man and director of several companies in Liverpool and lnndon. It has inspired an almost He owned an estate on the west coast of Ireland and spent a great obsessive loyalty among its deal of time there during the fishing season. He neither hid him- fans - on a par with the self away nor sought public attention after the disaster. mania created by Star Warc 20 years ago. Titanic's romantic but tragic plot, combined with the on-screen sexual llofting Gould bring back 1,500 souls chemistry between the stars leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, as sweethearts The loss of the Titanic dismayed and infuriated the world of 1912, Jack and Rose, as well as spectacular action its faith in the omnipotence of technology badly shaken. But some scenes, and public fascination with the true good followed in the wake of the disaster. Ships would no longer story, proved mesmerising for tens of be permitted to sail without enough life-saving equipment for thousands of cinema-goers. Some returned everyone, an international ice patrol was formed to warn ships of to watch the filrn a dozen or more times. wandering icebergs, transatlantic shipping routes were shifted Typical of the trend were lovers Karen further south during the winter and spring months and passenger Hornyak and Daniel Willis, from Boumemouth. They boasted that had they liners were required to keep a2fihour wireless watch. kissed and canoodled their way through 12 The White Star Line soon recovered from the disaster. The great romantic evenings watching the epic film. tide of emigration filled its ships and, despite the loss of their flag- Miss Homyak, a lGyearold hairdresser, ship, the firm announced record prqfits in 1913. Nothing, however, said:'The special effects are amazing. could bring back over 1,500 souls, sacrificed to a complacent faith I think the best scene is where Jack is in stateof-theart marine technology and lax regulations. handcuffed (below deck) and everyone but As for the Titanic, it is highly probable that her story will be Rose forgets about him as the water starts told again and again. Meanwhile, Cameron's film does go flooding in. We were hooked." Mr Willis, way to serving as a requiem for those lost in the tragedy. I 19, called it the "best film of all time". Fans who have seen the film more than ten times were dubbed victims of "Titanicitis". But Scottish fan Stefan Vass is Titanic titles The world was united in honor that such a tragedy auld happen and English boy scouts were among those who made colleuions to-try to help the sumiwrc - many of whom have never talked of their sffiring -
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