Page 31 - The Times Titanic Souvenir 1988
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I t; a lr rt t .,lt w''.qu 'W!,." G! p- convenienr to extinguish it while in port. mislbrtunes along the way. Nor did the But even more curious is the fact that the curse end there. Accidents and death fire escaped the attention of Maurice continued to meet with anyone connected Harvey Clarke, a nautical surveyor, the to the mummy's coffin - even a visitor to Board of Trade's assistant emigration the British Museum where it was on show. officer at Southampton, who carried He derisively flicked a dust cloth at the out three inspections of. the Titanic. is the best documented, but also the most face painted on the case, and days later his Clarke's job was to examine ships to difficult to explain. child died of measles. ensure their suitabiliry lo carry emigrants. The Princess of Amen-Ra, who died The museum decided to move it to the As such he should have paid special in around 1500 BC, was buried at Luxor, basement. Within a week, one of those who interest to the third-class accommodation, on rhe banks of the Nile. In the late 1890s, had helped to move it was seriously ill and a large proportion of which was situated four rich young Englishmen were invited , his supervisor was found dead at his desk. directly above the burning bunker. to buy a mummy case said to contain her By now, the press had picked up on the The fire was still burning after the remains. They drew lots, and the man who story. A newspaper man photographed the Titanic had set sail for New York and it won paid several thousand pounds and case, only to find that when he developed continued to do so until a few hours before had the mummy taken to his hotel. Hours his picture a hideously disformed face had she hit the iceberg and went down. later he was seen walking out towards replaced that of the princess. He is said Giving evidence at the British inquiry, the desert, never to return. The next day, to have gone home and shot himself - one leading stoker Fred Barrett told of the another of the men was accidentally shot of 20 of those who had handled the casket damage that was done to a bulkhead by by an Eglptian servant, wounding him so to meet with misfornrne in just ren years. the fire. And leading fireman Charles severely that his arm had to be amputated. The mummy was finally sold to a & 4 Hendrickson testified as to how he had The third man returned home to find that private collector, who after much t brushed and rubbed black oil all over the the bank where he had deposited his entire misfortune banished it to the attic. Despite f scorched and warped bulkhead to give it savings had failed. The fourth suffered a the curse, an American archaeologist P- the appearance that nothing was wrong. severe illness, lost his job and was reduced bought the mummy and booked passage E But the question remains: did the to selling matches in the street. for it and himself on a ship bound for New t damage to the bulkhead somehow Nevertheless, the mummy reached York. The vessel was the Titanic.Tday, F contribute to the sinking of theTitanic? England, accompanied by other the mummy's whereabouts are unknown. I F
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