Page 25 - The Times Titanic Souvenir 1988
P. 25
\' 1 \ 1 rr l, twr \ss€ wwi:i&'.s, \ 'a l-*Et t ffi { r* hW * I x \ 5i e r' m,; Yr'\ r*. & r;-F * history. But onc of the last it. ltople who come to thc survivors of the disaster. Ela 'l'itanic through thc movie Hart, r,"'ho died in l:cbruary ask questions based on it: 1996, spoke out against the you havc to find a wat' salvagc': 'The ship is its orvn lhrrrugI the l'ictirrn lrr lhc fuet rremoriai. lrave it there." But basically, none of us is Millvina Dean was nine going to be as goocl rreeks old uhcn her flther I nlc\\cn!:cr itrr /llclrtic As put her into a lifeboat along that movic." rvith her mother and brother, [:r,eryonc.',r'hen asked ile told them he r.vould u'hat makes the l-itanic folkrw; he did not. Now. aged special, w'hat makes her Il4, she is the youngcst ditTerent. has a diflbrent survivor. Shc agreed to open rcply. but'l-ulinch's stllnds the Greenwich exhibition. but the truesl and most terrible. declined an invitation to go [.le recalls Edith Evans. on the accompanving cruise. a young. single first-class " l'hey said it would be very passenger who gave up her tasteful. but how can it be'? seat in a Iifeboat to a woman It's too much like a shou'. If with children. I could remember my father I "ln a way. I enr'_v her. ivould be very ntuch against It souncls terrible to say, br-rt the idra. Eva l{art was Part of the steel hull that the 1996 expedition photographed, above, reached tfte being honest about it. when against jt. She remembered surface of the Atlantic this sumrmr for the first time since 1912, main picture wc see corlrage thcre's alwa_vs her father." a ccrtain amoullt of enr..1,." But'l'ulloch i,c nol thc kind of man to Llndcrttkelt never l{r scll an-v of the objccts \1at,be thut's th(, sccret. \\'c care about thc lc'avc anything bc. \\'hen he lirst attentpted he rccrrlvcrs. llul to kcelr thcm toqelhcr as / itanic bccairsu \()nrehu\\. urntrng rts "hig 'l'ulkrch Iri raise the piecc" in lg<)6, a sinslc cxhii)il. passengers - nrcn. wornen and childrcn offercd berths on arr expedilion cruise lrunr 'l hc iast tjnle \\,1- spokc. in ltrt)6. ('arnt:ron ironr ail srrcial classcs. iront morc than 20 New York to raise rronev anrl uiltl.r tlre had onh iusl filmed arouncl thc ."rreck. nations we can alw'ays finrl ourselVcs. and pulrlie trr r itra lltr rulvlge opt'nrtion. 'lt's lrartl lrot t() bc thrilled with tr billion- rvc rvonder what we would havc tlone on '/itrrnic." [ach dive costs more rhan $l(X).rn0. Jollar sirow ol inlcrcst rrr the said l dark night. ort rr cold sca, w'hcn the iast lJe rece'ives no public funeiing, but has l-uikrch "llul it hnngs a rcsponsibiiitv with lilchoat u'as aboul to lx lowered arvar I
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