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oft r,>4*. i iltmilEsI0tY Are attempts to (mntinued fiom page 23) the Titanic sank, a male passenger on the salvage Lhe Titanic starboard side of the boat deck was five times more likely to be i desecrating a grave allowed entry to a lifeboat than on the poft side. It appears that certain officers interpreted the order women and children first as women and children only. i or saving a treasure, By 2.l0am the Titanic's stern had raised out of the water to an angle of 80 degrees. Lights still blazing, pandemonium raged : ASKs ERICA WAGNER below decks. Inanimate objects came to life; crockery, furnirure and anything else not fastened down crashed towards the bow. In OU might blame Walter Lord. the engine spaces, the massive boilers tore loose from their foun- His 1956 book about the sinking dations and crashed through the bulkheads. of theTitanic,A Night to For the hundreds of terrified passengers clinging to the stern Remember, sparked a the noise must have been unimaginable. Finally, under the incred- fascination that has never ible forces it was being subjected to, the hull gave way and split in diminished. It was made into a two just forward of the fourth funnel. The forward section quickly filrn in 1958 and in all the sank, as the stern settled back for a few moments before it again debates over raising the liner is cited again rose to the vertical for the final time. and again as having provoked an interest The stern section remained motionless for a moment before it that has led, 84 years later, to an argument as great as the ship herself. too began its descent to the ocean floor, two miles below. As the lord says now: "I wish the Titanic story Atlantic closed over the two words on the stern -Titanic Uverpool had stopped as she went under the sea." - hundreds of passengers struggled in the icy waters. There is, however, no going back, as the suc@ss of James Cameron's Titanichas shown so clearly. But beyond this fictional recreation, the C}IAPTER V fascination with the wreck itself continues. Cameron fikned in the wreck for Titanic's dramatic opening; now George Tulloch, She's gome, lads whose company, RMS Titanic, Inc, is salvor-in-possession of the wreck, has brought up the "big piece": 20 tons of steel plating from the Titanic's hull. And soon ONE of the crewman in lifeboat Number Three declared: "She's you may be able - at a price - to visit gone, lads. Row like hell or we'll get the devil of a swell." In the wreck yourself, although not if Tulloch Number Four, a crewman, closer to the sinking, cried out: "Pull can help it. But the repercussions of the continuing for your lives or you'll be sucked under." salvage efforts will be picked over by Somewhere in the darkness, close to where lhe Titanic went down, hundreds of people fought for their lives among the mass of academics, survivors, relatives and Titanic obsessives throughout the world. Fifteen floating debris. Death came hundred people drowned the night she quickly for some, as the ship sank. drowned, but most 5 n * ship is its cumbed to the elements. The lucky ones, own memorial. Leave it there in lifeboats, listened to awful sound of family ) friends crying out in sank but her memory will not die. Little Frank Goldsmi Tulloch recites wearily: "Suppose you emigrating with his lived near a cemetery. One day, you look from Strood in Kent, over the cemetery wall, and what you see is the sound the dying difficult to believe: men equipped with the but didn't talk about most uptodate instruments are not only until many years later digging up the coffins, but smashing them, Living near a baseball field and not only smashing them but taking the in Detroit, every time a objects that had been put in the grave by team hit a home run, the bereaved." He is quoting Bernard Levin in The clamour of the c The luclE ones just hefore being resraed but brings back those Times after it was announced in 199{ that thel had to listen to the sounds ol the dying RMS Titanic Incwould be exhibiting items memories. Sir Cosmo recovered from the wreck at the Maritime Gordon and his wife Lucile were among those in lifeboat N Museum, Greenwidr. One. Duff Gordon gave each crewrnan in the boat [5 towards 'The Wreck of the Titanic', was seen by replacement of their lost kit. Later, this simple gesture more than 720,000 people and was the most was misinterpreted as a bribe to (antinuedonpageD) successful exhibition in the museum's 26
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