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GEORGE PENDTE stows away to get a sneak preview of the interactive exhibition that all Titamc fans will want to see vast exhibition - much of it interactive - recreating the filming of James Cameron's hit moieTitanic is arriving in England at the end of this year and should be enough to sate the hunger of even the most ardent of titanophiles. Titanic: The Official Movie Tour should, prove to be an intriguing mixture of behind-thescenes information and within- the-scenes entertainment. During the next 30 months, the tour is to make its way to 15 a pristine firsttlass corridor. This leads on You night not be Leonrdo D0aprio or different venues throughout Europe and to trvo of the central features of the film: a l(rte Wirdet hrt yon'll rce the Gnnd Asia and is likely to attract more than 3.5 reconstruction of the opulent Grand $ahcace rr lf yon rorc r finil+larc million people. Covering more than 30,000 Staircase at the foot of which is displayed paselger rboad tte doomed llner sq ft, it boasts the largest collection of the Heart of the Ocean jewel. Titanic mwie memorabilia ever assembled Surrounded by cameras, scaffolding and original props. A recreation of the in one location. lighting equipment, one is given the wheelhouse from the film not only features Whatever your feelings towards the film, impression of having arrived on a working all the navigational equipment but allows this must rate as the most comprehensive film set. The costumes wom by the two for digital interaction. "makingof ' exhibition ever seen. While you stand at the wheel of the boat, If proof is needed of the extensive detail a curmera combines your image with of the exhibition, one need look no further 5 You can take pa* computer-generated imagery so that you than the preshow queue. ln an eerie, in the thrilling are pictured standing on the bridge looking dapplelit environment, diving equipment, out at the bow of the Titanic set against the high-pressure ciunera casings and replicas finale to the film distant sea and sun-lit sky. of submersibles surround you. A video 9 The coup de grace is The Sinking displays an interview with Cameron, Hallway where you take part in the alongside fmtage from the actual dives the siars, leonardo DiCaprio and Kate thrilling finale to the film. As you walk director took to {ilm the wreck. Winslet, are also on display. down the corridor, lights flicker and sirens The exhibition proper begins when you As you go further along, you cannot help wail. A thundering flood of water suddenly approach a reconstruction of the wrecked but wonder if the entire film studios have races towards you. At the last moment the boat's bow. Stepping through the infamous been nansplanted here. The actual water disappears down a hidden drain and gash in the side of the hull, you enter a production sets of Thomas Andrews's state a directorial voice shouts: "Cut!" As you dark, barnaclecovered corridor known as room, Rose and Cal's first+lass suite and leave the voice adds: "Good job, folls!" n the Morphing Hallway. As you walk along the thirddass steerage r@ms are lined up OThe tour opens atWembley Arcna it you find yourself in the middle of a giant next to each other. Lit and dressed as they on Deember ]15, but ticket pries have yet special effect as the hallway transforms into were for the film, they contain many of the to befrred.
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