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Gontents IIEltTililCS[llRY A nl$t tve can never forget s Beryl Bainbridge on our enduring fascination with the Titanic Ihe direct approach fl Exclusive interview with James Cameron v I I -m.rpo..ry I po.tcrdtolb Ihat sinking feeling I UtG badc dort 1? ighty-six years ago, the Titanic From movie disaster to triumph sank in the icy waters off Newfoundland First & LiSt r'"tn", Browne 3,4 with the loss of 1,523 lives. The sinking of the and the final phdtographs ship on its maiden voyage from How I Found fte litanic Southampton to New York is the most James Ballard remembers his t f, * v legendary ocean disaster of all time, and a amazing discovery tragedy that has had an unparalleled hold over our collective consciousness. Gountdqwnto llisaster 1# Interest in the wreck, and the powerful human Story of the sinking: 4-page graphic stories of the survivors and of those who perished, tlirtuallitanic ?{ has never waned. Quite the opposite. And, this year, Tlhe Tilanic goes on a world lour 'a qt two major events have fuelled the world's fascination with the story. 3[ Busines as Erica Wagner on raising the Titanic In the spring came the release of James Cameron's filmTitanic, which broke all box-office Iown of Sonow Harirax trffi records to become the most successful film in the grave of one 'J. Dawson' cinema history, with global takings of $1.8 billion. Then, on August 13, the symbolic partial raising of luxury rhe ritanic 31 heritage trail in Britain and lreland of the Titanic, when a2Fton section of the hull was lifted from the ocean bed. frtanic lwili$t lone str Now comes the release surrounding the sinking of Cameron's Titanic of the Disaster ffis on video. Rescued from the deep: To mark a momentous the poignancy of salvaged items year in the history of the ric Mania 3S Titanic,The Times Titanic's biggest fans publishes this special magazine, which tells the : lhe Best Possible Taste story, in words and trinkets: bathroom toys to beer pictures, of Cameron's remarkable film; of the ship and of those Editor:ftdy &rll whose lives have Deputy Editor: Guy tUalbrs been inextricably Consultant Editor: Erica Waenel Art Director: Tom Reynolds intertwined with its Art Deputy: Sy,lYh Ghttt net creation, its Pictures: Febr hddqlason ilcGombh fate, and the *fiLff# Graphics: Geofi Sints, Tony Gancil diSCOVerv Of lbt wtd€t Writer: Georgp Pendle --- : the wTeck. bvcrr Sub Editors: l(* Wodcy, Hrgh Sohn
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