Page 13 - The Times Titanic Souvenir 1988
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$r:tl Flrst Lfi One man's hobby Ib 7m lbc od d Qrrorrhr hilotn hCrd hc&t ft. tcr Yat provided poignant images of the final days of the Titanic. By GEORGE PENDTE FATHER Frank Browne sailed on the Titanils maiden voyage, but managed to avoid the disaster. He boarded the ship in Southampton and he disembarked at Queenstourn (now Cobh) in lreland, thus escaping the fatal final leg. rdrcff il Xddcr h th rood+ro*d @ The photographs he took while "hdcrl on board provide a unique portrait of the doomed liner just days before its date withhistory. Born on January 3, 1880 in Sundays Well, Cork, Frank was the eighth child of Brigid and James Browne. Both his parents died when he was a boy and he was looked after by his uncle Robert Browne, the bishop of Cloyne. He was a contemporary of James Joyce at the Royal University in Dublin and a Mr Browne, the Jesuit, appears in Joycet novel Finnegans Wake, He began his theological srudies in l9ll, for which his uncle rewarded him with the gift of a lifetime - a twoday cruise on the RMS Titanic. Browne's documentary of his voyage - 159 photographs of passengers, crew and even of the plans of the ship - is owned by ttrc Allied lrish Bank and is nowworth t2 million. As a daplain in the Irish Guards in the First World War, he eamed the Military { Cross and the French Croix de Guerre. Field Marshal Lord Alexander called him &i "the bravest man I ever met". After the war he travelled widely, always documenting his journeys. He has become known as "Irelandb Cartier-Bresson" thanks to books such as Father Browne's Australia and Father Browne's England. I t. Itc bldr lnr&r bordr prrlgfpn drd t8l[p Tatmtrnmollhc IEt L4
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