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IIIEIINilrcST()RY (antinuedfrom page I0) and crew prepared themselves for the trip to New York. In terms of numbers, this was hardly a record sail- ing - Titanic could carry a maximum of 3,500. But many passen- gers - especially the wealthy ones - did not like travelling outside of the summer season. On the north Atlantic there were defined lanes or tracks which all passenger liners followed. The northern track, taken during the months of August to December, was approximately 200 miles shorter than the southern track, used between January and July. '",i-ri.::,+i',,: ii: The year 1912 was an exceptional one for the number of icebergs :ii'Llili+1i ii seen in the Atlantic. The winter in the Arctic had been a mild one and the ice flows had drifted on the Gulf Stream further south then anyone could remember. Celebrity passengers added scandal J. Bruce Ismay had boarded at Southampton. This was only his third maiden voyage in one of his company's ships and clearly he was keen to compare the Titanic's performance to that of her sister g ship. Also on board to check things out was Thomas Andrews, o managing director of Harland and Wolfl along with 20 members ii of the shipyard's guarantee group, four of whom were apprentices. : E Life aboard theTitanic, for her first-class passengers at least, s E .was a wonderful experience. A number of celebrities added glam- 'our and a little scandal to the social life. Of these, the wealthiest, Jacob Astor, was with his new bride. The great grandson of a S[rn l(ft t{indol and lsonado Dlcrpdo, fur trader, Astor, through shrewd business deals, turned an inher- wl[r dhrctor hmc Gameron above, rpent lpun ln frccdrg waten durlng flmlng: itance into a fortune estimated at $87 million and, at /*6,hadmar- SttftrGn uorclmrgU bilbed @llg ried a woman less than half his age. At 18, his new wife Madeleine tln CnHu; bft. Iho ft{non$ fiod loft was younger than his son, scandalising New York society. Wlnrht and Dl0rpdo, bdow lsfr, edraucbd Benjamin Guggenheim was another millionaire on board. His made their money in the mining and smelting business but preferred the playboy life and was travelling with his mistress. possible, actors and stuntmen were left and Mrs Isidor Straus, owners of the world-famous depart- badly bruised during the shooting of the ment store Macy's; Titanic's collision with the iceberg. Frank D Millet, the To make things worse, bad weather held n painter; and up filming and put the movie weeks behind schedule. Members of the cast, including bald Butt, the US Winslet, had to be taken to hospital at one t's military aide, point after a malicious prankster spiked route to Washington their food with an hallucinogenic drug. a message from A rynical media started talking in terms Pius X, completed of.Titanic being the greatest movie flop list of notables. of all time. Commentators suspected the more promi- Cameron, who had previously directed the Hollywood hils Terminator, Terminator II British passengers the Countess of andAliens, had bitten off more than he could chew this time. How wrong they and Sir Cosmo were proved to be. Gordon and his Captain Smith, front left, with other Titanic Although it cost $200 million to make, Lucile, a successful fficers, on the bridge before the ship set sail Titanic smashed movie money-making designer. With records by the dozen. During the first three this wealth to the fore, one family boarded the Tifanrc virtually months of its release, it grossed more than noticed. Margaret Rice and her children, Albert (aged 10), a billion dollars worldwide - easily (9), Eric (7), Arthur (4) and Eugene (2), were on their way surpassing the success of.Jurassic Park join Mr Rice who had found work in Spokane, Washington. which had total receipts of $914 million. But one important name was missing from the beautifully dece Titanic may be more than three hours long but that didnt stop 100 million pages of the first-class passenger list. J Pierpont Morgan cinema-goers seeing it during those first booked passage but cancelled at the last moment, claiming to three modths, and 20 per cent of them unwell. He was later tracked down by a reporter to a hotel in returned at least once more. The film has , near the Swiss border. Morgan, having just celebrated his grossed $t.gUiltion - and that figure is still birthday, was found to be enjoying the invigorating rising. n climate with his mistress. (continuedonpage 16)
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