Page 11 - The Times Titanic Souvenir 1988
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Hellish conditions, ** financial crisis... making Titanic was an epic undertaking in itself. By CHRIS oilYnR wrrsor\ That f, *l*: 'l ' l{E making ctf itanic the ol his lee until the film had recovered all movie had all the hallmarks of a its cnsfs. At the time, that looked extremely unlikclv vu,ith rrore than 800 creu rrcrlbcrs rnd I.()0(|r'\lrits \\'orking ()n il\(,flimc. i 1 : . : coveroge ancl public relations, f)n set, norhing seemed to be going right. .., ..., " James Cameron's epic film 'I'he filrn's stars, lronardo DiCaprio and ' ' could hardly have got off ti) Kate Winslet, were physically exhausted a worse start. The director's vision for.the by the tough shooting schedule. Winslet, filrn was fantastically ambitious. in particular, complained about the long 'fechnicians built a lO-storey model of the hours and hellish working conditions. 'fitanic in a vast tank that held l7 million Soon unpleasant stories were leaking out gallons of water. Soon the film, made on frorn the closed set, making tabloid location in Mexico. was behind schedule headlines. C)ne report said Winslet and and way over budget DiCaprio had been left harnessed to the The financial crisis was so / severe that s Cameron even promised nol $ to take a cenl deck of the "ship" when a real lOOmph would wake up in the morning pleading storm had hit the set. Another claimed with God not to let her die that day. "ln one Winslet developed flu after filming in scene, Leonardo and I were running a*ar freezing torrents of water. from a huge wave only m be trapped by a Winslet later admitted that she had closed gate. We eventually opened it but m1' lbund the pressure of work hard to cope coat got caught and I was trapped with. By the end of the film, she said, she'd underneath the rising waters," she recalled. thought "if it's not suicide, it will be an "There were stunt men swimming below asylum fbr me". She swore that she'd wearing breathing equipmcnt waiting to never work with Cameron again, but help, but by the time I'd finished the first has since changed her mind. take my lungs were bursting. The director At times, cast and crew worked just said,'Okay, let's go again'." 2Ghour days that started at 5am The set of the six-month shoot seemed to in bitterly cold and wet conditions. be jinxed, with five crew members being Winslet claimed she felt her safety iniured in accidents. A stuntman cracked was at risk filming some of the a rib and another broke an ankle. And, scenes. On occasions, she said, she striving to make the film as realistic as
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