Page 10 - The Times Titanic Souvenir 1988
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lamer Gameron demalded the bulldlng of a nerr-full-che copy of the fttanlcin a ll nllllon gallon lrnlq maln plctrre. Hb ob*rcion nernt the rcclpation of the rlnklng, aboe, en$nlled audlencec brrt made llh dlfrcult lor the stan lhte Mnslet, Leonado Ucaprlo ad l{dry B&., lcft on this film because I love the subject point out that he does not "stand behind I that it has touched nerves from China to matter so much." that badge of The Artist to allow myself , Brazil. He was told before the shooting that However, he admits that First Officer to make sweeping dranges. When i 'The film stands a chance of being all Murdoch's suicide is a bone of contention, somebody makes their version of the i things to everybody or nothing to anyone." especially in Scotland where Murdoch's Titanic story, they can do what they want. r Worried that it would be neither a romance family have mmplained that it is a fiction Incidentally, it's not a project I would i nor a disaster film, Cameron fecls that he and a slur on his memory, but cites that he recommend!" , has straddled both genres, and that is is an artist as well as an historian: Curiously, Cameron exhibits almost a , probably the basis of its appeal. "Sometimes you have to make some sense of surprise that the film has been so I He sums it up in almost facile terms: subjective decisions - there's no other way successful. He certainly knew it wouldn't , "I would say that it's a story about love and around it if you have to visualise flop, but he tall$ in wonder that it is still , death. These things happen to everybody." the event on the screen." He is also quick to making F/rmillion a week in Japan, and : It's a reasonable explanation I
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