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i o'*4- a'r.-t,r,tt .l! -4--l ,-: \iR'4 -]111 I 3 "'t-'"--:'H n STEPS ON THE VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY l:11-1 '{ llr ! r! t :- /'- \j!f") lru / ,r,'-.,\':.\: r! ."-*r .f# r*:rb \y' jl l' l* I Q!rerttown l' ,T ;#-i',"",r . ,1:t:rn,ii:t'j"1.." Titanic's reported pcsition Lifeboats rciovcred I i I ROBOT SEARCH at 1.5 knor.s at the €nc Above: seeing eye robot of a 2 ):-rnile crble, :t Argobeing lowered from J"I the mother ship Knorr. sent back live video pictures from S0 [eet Argo was l5 feet long, above the ocean floor { weighed two tons, ind was difficult to crnirt { \i carried strobe lights, Tv and once tfre cable almost snapped, but r: cameras and a { I computer. did 4 one and the saine. Scencs of !ubilatiorr 'rl' irro)ci-'ling rrnr'sr:li' il!,r titc rle cf'. ' rtrii 'r'i',,i li t' {ollowed {left) 'r,.,-tict \1'av io ]'llrsc l:rtcfe:rt i]:;rn ihr iur.: oi {
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