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Six toot tYrs inches tall and tl4 years *ld, Dr Robert Ballard ss*rns to give off enough energy ta power on€ 6f his sefti mini-submarlnes, llis blend of seienti{ic prowess a*d an adventurer's eilthnsiasm have eavned him such nicknacne$ as "(arl Sagan with 6ills" aaC "Eottom Gun", But nicknames and x minor *ccentricities, lifu e nevar being seen withcut a baseball {ap iamn'!€d lirnrly on his b*ad, have not endeared hirn ta the academii world. When raising money to tfy and flnance his first exPeditio*, his employers at l#oods Hale 0ceanographic lnstitute :old hin: ire could not use thei: name to attra.t fu nding, Aithough his name is n ow inextricably linked rith the $fanic !e has a n umber of impressive o rofessional stalps on his celt, natahly the msch lauded first dive by an cceanographer into the @ i:va laced canyons and guliies of the I'lid Stlantic ridge and the first sighting of tkg East Paci{ic Rises, hydrotfuermal vcnts which burp out liquid at 550 degraeso hat enough ro melt lead. When he's n$i yoar$ing the ocears, Ballard iives with his wife a*d two reerage s&as ia a l$th century farrnho$ee a conveniert dista*ca fyc*l V/oods llole {right}. inevitably he pays * genalty for all his activity: "l will commonly get sick after a trip. I'm fine while it's happening but a{terwards my body says'You owe mE a lot' end ! !ust crash." 2 : :ariiel this year started bringing up relics. This voyagr) drov;ning ali but 705 cf the 2,240 Titanic and as 1 listened to hiln I began rc .\ as something Dr Ballard had refuseci ro do abcard. Passengers included the crean: of understand rbe fcli dirnension of the traged_v. ,.:l boih his expediticns, becausc he srrongly Britisl: and Ainerican society, cone of whom As he recreated her fiua1 hours for me, she - :.licvcs tire site should rcmain iniact. cculd resist the cachet of being rtre first to cross began tc take on 6 perssnality ro dev€lop a Dr Baliard is a reseaicher at rhe prestigious tire Adanric on rbis spiendid liner rvhich stood sou:. I coilld visualise Colonel Gracie huffing Y'oods llole Oceanogl?phic Inst.itute on Cape as iall as an 1!-stcr-ey building. and puffing aiong the slcping boar <1eck in a Cod, LISA. Ever since his childhocd he iras Wh:rt begar:l as a mild interest in rhe ship vain search for the n:issing Mrs Candee." reen fascinateci by rvhat happened rindei the transfori'ned into a passianate quest for Dr' 8ur he freel1' ad:nits his romantic passion for ',!.'ayes, so it was not srirprising dlat h* knew Eallard in the miC-?0s after meeting \Yilliam the Titanic was rnixfd with sorne:hilrg far more rbout lhe Tkanic frorn an eariy age. It lvas, Tatusi IV, rhe founder of rhe Titanic Historical harcl-headed: 'Jre need tr"r raise funds. His :iier aiij ihe great€st sea tragedy cf all rkne, that Society: "Through his influence rhc ship be- professicnal passion was to clevelop wllat he :re supposerily ur:sinkable liner r*rcrneC an iarnr: rnuch n:{rfe thari something to finC in calie
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