Page 3 - Secrets of the Titanic
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"The research oessel Knorr heaved and plunged abane the sea floor at the end of a slmder cable. Ihe first slght of dle fifaric's black, with the ocean stell as I leaned out ooer the boat "Lihe that farefttl April night in 1912, the razor+dgcd prow raililE, squinting into the blackness. I was bone- Atgust air was chilly - sammer is fleeting in the rising out of the mud tired - a combinatior of fatigue and the begimings North Atlantic! was breathteklng. Here the lights of oJ despair. This was the fifth week of our search " As I walhed up the stairs ro my cabin I hnew for the Titanic: only fioe more days to go, and still that sleep would come only fitfully. But unbe- lamn tunior,the rcmote contnolld nothing. All we had seen so far was an endless knuttn to nte a drama was already being enacted in scclng cye, look back at thc mini-cub llvla sectscape of ocean above and a muddy bottom the control van where bleary-eyed colleagues 2l miles belovt - from the aideo ejte of Argo, suntqted more endless miles of featureless bottom which Eellard took with him on hls second our deep watet camera that we toused a few feet through Argo's high-tech eyes. At about ED* erpedition 39
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