Page 7 - Return To Titanic - The Sunday Times Magazine March 23 2003
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lqq -..rt. r - # .f , lr?;" 1,,"1| , ll* F'r ;hn.*^ CE I {rffi E .t m i?l TIME MEMORiAL Abr-rve: elaborate lur;rishings adtied to the h 1a allure of the first-class A-deck staterocms. t Right: the remains of a mahogany dressing s table were discovered in another stateroom. Its drawer and brass handie - exactly like the one above - are clearly visitrle beneath tlre rlebris :;1"'t -4 A-deck I Bruce lsmay's Edith Rosenbaum's parlour suile stateroom Forrard I grand staircase lj l LJ I \ /" The section that broke, splitling the liner in two First-class Firct-class Henry Sleeper dining saloon reception room Harperts stateroom
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