Page 6 - Return To Titanic - The Sunday Times Magazine March 23 2003
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g'5;+ I 4ti' '+ . .r r i ,'a&t.-.,1 t 1a -4 . r J,: I I l;i "."rli it'l1 / $ ,tl h- aj-' t._. *?,a ,'-ff'" rolr8tr0ilrr [0rr0ir0tilrr$ Four years after the releaee of lb Titanic, the directortames Camcr returned to the wreckage with hil definition robotic camoras that penetrated deep into the body of I ship. The resultant images are thr first to show the interior of thc gl shrine that, almost a century on, t lies at the bottom of the Atlantic. 1 Ghosts of the Abyss: A lourney int Hcart of the Titanic, by Don lyncl l(en ilarschrll, with an introduct by lames Gameron, is published n April 14 by Hodder & Stougtton {t To order from Sunday fimes Book Dircct at f16 (plus f1.95 postagt prckingl, call 0870 1565 t5E5 or ww.timesonline,co.uklbooks dh
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