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Mute Jestimony of the wreekage S WITH ALL great artist William H. Bond when eNcus was raised disasters, eyewit- consulted builders' plans, and the film developed ness accounts of leading experts, and our could we tell precisely the loss of Titanic vary photographic files for accu- where the craft had been. widely, and aspects of the rate data. Letters are keyed The scene (below) of two event are still being ar- to photographs throughout cargo cranes was recorded gued. Our portrait of the article, giving the location from a point dangerously Titanic, though far from aboard ship for each scene. close to Titanic's bridge. complete, sheds new light Our still photographs Another (bottom) shows on details of her death as were taken from eNcus-a the after portion of the well as her present condi- "blind" camera sled towed ship's forecastle with a partly tion on the ocean floor. To from the surface and guided open ventilator (top of pho- produce the painting at by means of sonic bea- tograph) forward of the right, National Geographic cons on the seafloor. Onlv twisted guardrail. A broken
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