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EAMWORK and high ports video cameras, side-scan research ship Ze Suroit ltop technologl' combined to sonar, a computerized timing right) prepares for a night solve a historic puzzle. s)'stem, and a batterl' of other launch of SAR. their revolu- The French and Americans electronic gear. tionarl' sonar search vehicle. worked superbll' together on a ..lrgo's support ship, the rvhich can survev a strip of model project for future un- \lbods Hole research vessel ocean floor more than half a dersea exploration. A vital tool Ktton'(top \eft\, has trvo sets mile u'ide at each pass. on the American side was our of rotarv blades shaped like Aboard h rrorl Jean-Louis search vehicle Argo (opposite, eggbeaters belorv the keel, al- N'Iichel, standing next to me at top), seen beginning a tu'o- lolr'ing us to maneuver side- far right, and others of our hour descent to lilanic's hull. wavs as rvell as fore and aft. joint team surve)'the video The hollow steel frame sup- The French team aboard the screens (qbovel during a i06 Nutionul G eogrupltic, Dccentbcr 1 985
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