Page 99 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 99
7554. Where did you go? - Into the chart room. 7555. Was the chart room door shut? - Yes. 7556. Did you open the door and go in? - Yes. 7557. Did you find the Captain there? - Yes. 7558. Did you speak to him? - Yes. 7559. Did you give him the report you were ordered to give him? - Yes. 7560. What did the Captain say? - He asked me were they all white? 7561. The rockets? - Yes, were there any colours in the rockets at all? 7562. What did you tell him? - I told him that they were all white. 7563. Did he give any instructions? - No. 7564. Did he say anything further? - He asked me the time. 7565. What was the time? - Five minutes past two by the wheelhouse clock. 7566. You told him that, did you? - Yes. 7567. Did he ask you anything further? - No. 7568. Or tell you anything further? - No. 7569. And did you go away? - Yes. 7570. (The Commissioner.) Was he awake? - Yes, Sir. 7571. (The Solicitor-General.) Did you return to the bridge? - Yes. 7572. Did you report that you had done what you were told to do? - Yes. 7573. Was there anything further that you noticed until you got close to 4 o’clock? - Yes. 7574. What was it? - About 3. 40 the Second Officer whistled down to the Captain again. 7575. Twenty minutes to four? - Yes. 7576. Did you see him doing it? - Yes. 7577. Did you hear what he said? - No. 7578. Did anything happen after that? - Yes. 7579. What? - I saw three more rockets, Sir. 7580. How much after? - That was about twenty minutes to four. 7581. Just about the same time? - Yes. 7582. These further rockets that you saw, were they before or after the Second Officer had telephoned to the Captain? - After. 7583. Just think for a moment. You are sure about the time, are you? - Not exactly, Sir. 7584. But you have said 3.40 - twenty minutes to four? - Yes. 7585. Are you sure you mean that? - Yes. The Commissioner: I thought that the Captain’s evidence was that it was about 4.30 when this boy was supposed to have given him that message? The Solicitor-General: Oh, no. The Commissioner: What time was it? - Oh, yes, I have made a mistake. The Attorney-General: At 4.30 the officer came. The Commissioner: What time did the boy come in with the message to the Captain? The Witness: Five minutes past two. The Solicitor-General: And he reports at once the rockets that he had seen. 7586. (The Commissioner.) Now, am I to understand you to say that at twenty minutes to four the same morning you saw three more rockets? - Yes, Sir. 7587. Were they reported to the Captain? - I reported them to the Second Officer. 7588. Did he report them to the Captain? - No. 7589. Why not? - I do not know. 7590. If they were really there, why were not they reported to the Captain? - I do not know, Sir. 7591. Are you quite sure that these three rockets were ever seen by you at all? - Yes, Sir. I saw
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