Page 97 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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7488. Then as far as the report to you went he told you of five before you came back at five minutes to one? - Yes. 7489. And after that you saw three more yourself? - Yes. 7490. How soon was that after you had come back at five minutes to one? - As soon as I went on the bridge at five minutes to one. I called her up as soon as the Second Officer told me. 7491. You called her up on the Morse? - Yes. 7492. You mean the Second Officer gave you orders to do that? - Yes. 7493. And she did not respond to you? - No. 7494. And then you saw these rockets? - Yes. 7495. Give me an idea of the time - would that take long, or was it at once? - Well, I called her up for about three minutes, and I had just got the glasses on to her when I saw her fire the rocket. That was the first one. 7496. The first of the three? - Yes. 7497. You say you had just got the glasses on to her. Did you see it through the glasses? - Yes. 7498. How did you see the second one? - With the eye. 7499. With the naked eye? - Yes, without the glasses. 7500. And the third one? - With the eye. 7501. What colour rockets were they? - White ones. 7502. When you got your glasses on the vessel and saw the first rocket going up through them, could you make out the vessel at all? - No, Sir, just her lights. 7503. (The Commissioner.) Still this glare of light? - Yes. 7504. Did that indicate, that glare of light, that this was a passenger steamer? - No, Sir. 7505. (The Solicitor-General.) When you saw the first of these three rockets through your glasses did you report what you saw to the officer? - Yes. 7506. Did he tell you whether he saw the second or the third rocket? - Yes, Sir. 7507. Did he? - Yes, Sir. 7508. He said he did? - Yes. 7509. Was he using glasses, too? - No. 7510. He saw it with his naked eye? - Yes. 7511. What happened after that? - About twenty minutes past one the Second Officer remarked to me that she was slowly steaming away towards the south-west. 7512. Had you remained on the bridge from the time that you saw these three rockets until then? - Yes. 7513. Had you been keeping her under observation? - Yes. 7514. Looking at her with your glasses from time to time? - Yes. 7515. What had you noticed between one o’clock and twenty minutes past one, looking at her through your glasses? - The Second Officer remarked to me, “Look at her now; she looks very queer out of the water; her lights look queer.” 7516. You are sure that is what he said - “She looks very queer out of the water”? - Yes. 7517. Did he say what he meant? - I looked at her through the glasses after that, and her lights did not seem to be natural. 7518. (The Commissioner.) What do you mean by that? - When a vessel rolls at sea her lights do not look the same. 7519. But there was no water to cause her to roll, was there; you were not rolling? - No. 7520. There was no sea to cause her to roll? - No, Sir. 7521. (The Solicitor-General.) He made this observation to you. Did you look at her then through your glasses? - Yes. 7522. What did you see? - She seemed as if she had a heavy list to starboard. 7523. She seemed to have a list, and you thought a list to starboard? - Yes.
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