Page 9 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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5397. Were there many women there at the time? - There did not look to be many. 5398. Had many other boats been launched at this time on that side? - I helped to lower 12 away. 5399. You say that a number of your crew, you believe, were Irish? - Not the crew. 5400. I mean your passengers? - Yes. 5401. Those who were in your boat? - Yes. 5402. When did you discover that; was it on the boat deck or afterwards, during the night? - On the boat deck. 5403. Were all the women who were standing round taken into the boat. Did you leave any behind? - Some women got into the other boats, I believe; but I could not say. 5404. But your boat was not full at that time? - I did not count; I do not know what the carrying capacity of the boats is. 5405. Who gave you the order to lower? - Officer Lowe. 5406. How long was it after your boat was lowered until you transferred the women and children to the other boat you have mentioned? - I could not tell you the time. 5407. Was it before the sinking of the “Titanic”? - I believe it was. 5408. You believe it was? - I believe so; I am not going to swear to it though. 5409. You said you pulled about a quarter of a mile away? - Yes. 5410. Were you that distance from the “Titanic” when she sank? - No, we were making towards her when she sank. 5411. Do you suggest that having at this time transferred the women and children from your boat to another boat, it was only possible to pick up three passengers? - Yes. 5412. Did you hear many cries? - No, I did not. 5413. You knew, of course, that there must have been a great number of people left behind on the “Titanic”? - I expect so. 5414. Was it very dark at the time? - Yes. 5415. Did you pull about and look for other passengers? - Yes, I did - we all did. 5416. Did you shout or in any way try to attract the attention of passengers who might be in the water? - No. 5417. You did nothing? - All was silent. 5418. All was silent? - Yes, we just heard a cry here and there for help. 5419. Have you been in this hall while other witnesses have been giving evidence? - I have one or two days, but I have not stopped here. 5420. Did you hear one of the witnesses say yesterday that the cries were agonising? - No. 5421. You did not hear that? - No. 5422. Would that statement, if it were made, have been true? - The cries when she went down were awful. 5423. After the “Titanic” sank, were you not in a position to go close to where she had gone down? - No, we never knew whether there would be any suction or not. 5424. From where you were lying by you could see the position of the “Titanic” and see lights on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 5425. Was it not your duty immediately the “Titanic” sunk to pull to the place where she had been, to try to rescue any passengers that might be in the water? - We did so. 5426. And you say it was only possible under all the circumstances to rescue three? - Yes. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 5427. How long have you been in the employ of the White Star Line? - I believe about five years.
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