Page 89 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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7281. Think. This is a very important matter. - It is a very important matter. I recognise that. 7282. It is much better to tell us what happened, Captain? - He came to the door, I understand. I have spoken to him very closely since. He said, I opened my eyes and said, “What is it”? and he gave the message; and I said, “What time is it”? and he told me, and then I think he said I asked him whether there were any colours in the light. 7283. That is what the boy has said to you. You have questioned him a good many times since? - Yes, I have questioned him since. 7284. Is he still an Apprentice in your ship? - He is. The Commissioner: Is he telling the truth? - Is the boy telling the truth? 7285. Yes. - I do not know. I do not doubt it for a moment. 7286. (The Attorney-General.) Just think. You say you do not doubt it for a moment. Do you see what that means. That means that the boy did go to the chart room to you. He did tell you about the rockets from the ship and you asked whether they were white rockets, and told him that he was to report if anything further occurred? - So he said. That is what he said. 7287. Have you any reason to doubt that is true? - No; I was asleep. 7288. Then do you mean you said this in your sleep to him, that he was to report? - I very likely was half awake. I have no recollection of this Apprentice saying anything to me at all that morning. 7289. Why did you ask whether they were white rockets? - I suppose this was on account of the first question they asked, whether they were Company’s signals. 7290. Do just think? - Company signals usually have some colours in them. 7291. So that if they were white it would make it quite plain to you they were distress signals? - No, I understand some companies have white. 7292. Do really try and do yourself justice? - I am trying to do my best. 7293. Think you know. Mr. Lord, allow me to suggest you are not doing yourself justice. You are explaining, first of all, that you asked if they were white rockets, because companies’ signals are coloured. I am asking you whether the point of your asking whether they were all white rockets was not in order to know whether they were distress signals? Was not that the object of your question, if you put it? - I really do not know what was the object of my question. 7294. And you think that is why you asked about it? - I think that is why I asked about it. 7295. I must ask you something more. Do you remember Mr. Stone reporting at twenty minutes to three to you that morning through the tube? - I do not. 7296. Is there a tube? - There is a tube. 7297. What is the tube? - A speaking tube. 7298. To your chart room? - To my own room. 7299. Were you in your own room? - No, I was in the chart room. 7300. Would you hear if he reported through the tube to you? - At a quarter-past one. 7301. He reported through the tube then? - At a quarter-past one. 7302. Listen to this - he reported to you at twenty minutes to three through the tube and told you that the steamer had disappeared bearing south-west half west. Do you remember that? - I do not remember it. He has told me that since. 7303. Have you any reason to doubt it? - I do not know anything at all about it. 7304. Have you any reason to doubt that Mr. Stone, the officer, is speaking the truth? - I do not see why he should not tell me the truth. 7305. (The Commissioner.), Is he a reliable, trustworthy man? - As far as I know of him he is. 7306. (The Attorney-General.) Is he still with you? - He is still with me. 7307. Listen to this: - “The Captain again asked me if I was sure there were no colours in the lights that had been seen.” Do you remember that? - I do not. 7308. “And that he” - Mr. Stone - “assured you that they were white lights”? - He has told me
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