Page 88 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 88
7256. Only one other question. You came to the point where the “Titanic” had been reported as having foundered, 41º 46 N., if I rightly understood you, and 50º 14 W.? - Yes. 7257. How far from that point was the “Mount Temple”? - I think she was very close to it. I should think she had been looking for the “Titanic” boats or wreckage, or something, she was stopped there. 7258. You went on from that point? - Yes. 7259. In what direction did you proceed after that point? - I steered, as far as I recollect, about South or South by East true from there along the edge of the ice - the western edge of the ice. 7260. How far did you go till you got to the wreckage? - I passed her somewhere about half- past seven - somewhere in the vicinity of half-past seven. I got there at half-past eight. 7261. What rate were you going at? - We were driving all we possibly could. The chief engineer estimates the speed at 13 1/2. I estimate it at 13. 7262. You were about an hour? - We were an hour. 7263. Had you also any observations to enable you to fix the spot where the wreckage was found? - I had very good observations at noon and that afternoon. 7264. How long did you remain on the spot where the wreckage was? - We arrived at half-past eight - 11.15. 7265. Can you give us your noon observations? - Yes; 41.33 N. and 50. 9 W. 7266. That is your noon position? - That is my noon position on the 15th April. The Attorney-General: That is the Monday morning. 7267. (Sir Robert Finlay.) When you left the scene of the wreckage, what course did you hold? - 11.20 proceeded on course N. 59, W. by compass. 7268. (The Commissioner.) Is that the ship’s log? - This is the ship’s log, my Lord. 7269. (Sir Robert Finlay.) What would that be true? - I think I was intending to make N. 89 W. I think that was my intention. The variation is 23 1/2, and I think the deviation was 5. 7270. What rate were you going? - I went slow. I came through the ice full speed to the ship, but I went back slow. 7271. Can you tell me, on your boat, do you supply the look-out man with glasses? - We do not. 7272. Why is that? - I have never heard of it before this Enquiry. 7273. In your experience, it is not usual? - I have only used them once, that was when I was looking for the “Titanic.” Mr. Dunlop: May I ask some questions of the witness? The Attorney-General: I think you had better wait till I have finished. I am going to put something further to him, and I think you had better hear what he says first. Further examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 7274. Mr. Stone is your Second Officer, is he not? - Yes. 7275. Did Mr. Stone send the Apprentice to report to you at any time? - Did he on this morning? 7276. I am speaking of this morning? - He told me afterwards that he had done so. 7277. At about 2 o’clock? - At about 2 o’clock. 7278. Did he tell you that there had been rockets sent up? - He did. That was the message the boy was supposed to have delivered to me. I heard it the next day. 7279. That is rather important, you see - that is the message which the boy was supposed to have delivered to you which you heard next day? - Yes. 7280. I want to put this to you. Did not the boy deliver the message to you, and did not you inquire whether they were all white rockets? - I do not know; I was asleep.
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