Page 86 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Attorney-General: We are going to call him. 7209. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Why did you tell them that you were surrounded by ice? Did you want to warn them that you were in danger at all? - It is usual, when we see it, to send out messages that we have seen it to all ships in the vicinity. 7210. When you said that you were surrounded by ice, was that to warn them of your danger? - No; to warn them, so that they would know if they were in the vicinity, or pass the word on to other steamers. 7211. That is to say, it was a message of courtesy? - A message of advice. 7212. It was rather a snub, was it not? - Who for? 7213. For them to tell you in reply to that, “Shut up, and keep off”? - I suppose it was, more or less. 7214. And did your officer who received it take it as so? - I do not think so. 7215. You had no conversation with him about it? - I asked him the next morning what they said. When I heard that the “Titanic” had sunk, I sent along and asked him whether he delivered the message I sent at 11 o’clock. He said he had, and they told him to please keep quiet, or shut up. 7216. To shut up? - Something like that; they were busy. 7217. Did you have any conversation with him as to the character of this message? - No. 7218. None at all? - No. 7219. Which officer was that? - That was the wireless operator. 7220. He reported to you directly? - He reported to me directly. 7221. Did he when he got that message report to the officer on the watch? - I was on watch myself then, at 11 o’clock. 7222. Then he did not report to you? - No; I do not think he came on deck again. 7223. Did not you tell the American Court of Enquiry that the operator did come to you at 11 o’clock, and that you then told him to try and find out what was the name of the ship that had stopped close by? - No. 7224. You did not? - No. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 7225. How long have you been in charge of a ship; how long have you been a Captain? - I beg your pardon? 7226. (The Commissioner.) You are asked how long you have had a captain’s certificate? - Since 1901. 7227. (Mr. Lewis.) Do you consider it reasonable, seeing that you had very little experience of ice, to go below to the chart room and lie there? - When a ship is stopped? 7228. Yes? - Perfectly justified. 7229. Do you consider it reasonable, in view of the fact that you had been in communication with other ships that your wireless operator should have gone off duty at 11 o’clock? - Yes. 7230. Can you tell us what control you have over the operators? - I do not know that we have any great control. They are amenable to the discipline of the ship to a certain extent, but their hours I do not think I have anything to do with. 7231. They are under the control, I understand, of the Marconi Company? - To a certain extent they are. 7232. To what extent; can you tell us? - No. 7233. Can you tell us if you pay them? - No, they pay them. 7234. So that you have only control so far as the mere discipline is concerned? - If I wanted to get a message sent at any time, day or night, I would send it.
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