Page 81 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 81
7098. If you had done this you would have found out whether she had wireless? - Very likely. If she had had it we would have got her. 7099. If she had had it you could have ascertained directly in what trouble she was when she sent up the rockets? - Yes. 7100. Is it in ocean-going vessels the usual practice and a recognised rule to double look outs in presence of ice, in a fog and in a haze? - Yes. 7101. Is that known by every captain? - I do not know. I know. 7102. It is the general rule? - As far as I know. 7103. Did you observe between 8 and 10 o’clock that night that there was a haze? - No, I did not. 7104. Can you say that there was not? - In my opinion there was not. The Commissioner: Do you know of any evidence except the evidence we have already heard, Mr. Scanlan, as to the existence of this supposed haze? Mr. Scanlan: I do not know anything else, my Lord; but what impresses me is that the look-out man on the “Titanic” not only himself says that there was a haze, but he says that his companion in the crow’s-nest remarked on the haze to him. The Commissioner: Yes, I remember that, and I am asking you whether you know of any other evidence except that which we have heard? 7105. (Mr. Scanlan.) No, my Lord, I do not know. (To the Witness.) Is it possible that in regard to vessels separated by a distance of 19 miles there might be a haze on the horizon with one of them, and not a haze on the horizon with the other? - I have seen that. 7106.. I mean it is a local effect? - I have seen that. 7107. Is a haze commonly produced by the presence of ice? - I do not know, I have not had a great experience in ice. 7108. You have not had a great experience in ice? - No. 7109. Is it not well known that ice is more easily seen the nearer you are to the water, especially field ice? - I do not know, I have not heard that. 7110. You have not heard that? - No. 7111. You have not had much experience of ice? - No I have not; of field ice this is my first experience. 7112. When you first had warning of the presence of ice did you slow down? - No. 7113. You did not slow down? - No. 7114. Is it not usual to slow down in the presence of ice? - No, not in clear weather. 7115. At what speed were you going? - 11 knots. 7116. But if you are in a haze is it usual to slow down? - In an ice district, yes. 7117. When you stopped on account of the ice what lights were you showing? - Two masthead lights, the red and green sidelights, and a stern light. 7118. How far do you think from your ship her lights would be observable by another ship? - The masthead lights? 7119. Yes? - I suppose the masthead lights you would see 7 or 8 miles - 8 miles I should think. 7120. Suppose the “Titanic” was 7 or 8 miles from you between 11. 30 and 12 o’clock, would those on her bridge have been able to see your lights? - Easily. 7121. Do you practice your hands at boat drill? - We do. 7122. Regularly? - Once a passage. 7123. And have you a boat muster? - Well, that is a boat muster. 7124. What does it consist of? We have not heard yet what a proper boat muster consists of. Will you explain it to my Lord? - I do not know if it is a proper boat muster, but I can tell you what I do. I usually muster all hands on deck; the chief officer calls the names over, and as they pass him they report their boat, and they also report their fire station from the boat list. They line
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