Page 78 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 78
of the rocket then. 7011. Had not you heard? - I had heard of rockets, but no particulars of bearing then. 7012. Or where the steamer was - how she bore at all? - No. 7013. Nothing about her? - No. 7014. Did you about half-past 7 pass close to the “Mount Temple”? - I did. 7015. She was also stopped? - She was stopped. 7016. (The Attorney-General.) The captain of the “Mount Temple” will be called before your Lordship. (To the Witness.) About the same time did you get a verbal message from your operator that the “Carpathia” was standing by the “Titanic”? - Yes. 7017. And to have boats ready and lifebelts? - Yes. 7018. And then you eventually saw the “Carpathia.” I need not go through that part of the story. Did you eventually get to the position of the foundering of the “Titanic”? - The real position or the position given? 7019. The position given? - I passed that position. 7020. When did you pass that position? - I must have passed that position I should say about half-past 7. 7021. That is the position given of 41° 46’ and 50° 14’? - Yes. 7022. Did you cruise round the vicinity of the wreck? - I cruised round there until 11. 7023. How did you know what was the position? - I got a good observation at noon that day. 7024. I do not quite understand what you mean. You said just now that you passed the position indicated to you by the wireless messages? - Yes. 7025. Where the “Titanic” had sunk? - Yes. 7026. Did you see anything at all there? - The “Mount Temple” was in the vicinity of that position. 7027. She was near there? - Yes. 7028. Did you see any wreckage? - Not where the “Mount Temple” was. 7029. Did you see any wreckage anywhere? - I did. 7030. Where? - Near the “Carpathia.” 7031. What did you see? - I saw several boats, deck chairs, cushions, planks. 7032. Collapsible boats? - I saw two collapsible boats. 7033. Did you see any bodies? - No. 7034. Any lifebelts floating? - No. 7035. Any wreckage? - Yes. 7036. Much? - Not a great deal. 7037. Did you cruise round and search? - I did. 7038. To see if you could find any bodies or any living persons? - I did. I did not see anything at all. 7039. I should like to understand from you, if you say that the position indicated to you was wrong, what do you say was the position? - The position where I left the wreckage was 41º 33’ N., 50°, 1’ W. 7040. One further general question. I want as to what you did. On your vessel on the Sunday evening, April 14th, when you came amongst the ice, did you take any precautions? - Yes, I did. 7041. Tell us what you did. I want you to tell my Lord what you did? - I doubled the look-out. We had one man at the crow’s-nest and a man at the forecastle head, and I was on the bridge myself. 7042. Just let us understand that. Where had you a man on the look-out before you doubled your look-out? - In the crow’s-nest. 7043. And then did he report ice? - As I reversed the engines that night there were two reports. I do not know which man reported them, or whether each reported one.
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