Page 74 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6893. That the second officer had told Gibson to go to the chart room to call you? - Yes. 6894. And was that for the purpose of telling you that this vessel had fired 8 rockets? - Several rockets, I understand. The Commissioner: Is that the man who did come into his room? The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner:, And went away, according to this witness, without saying anything? 6895. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, my Lord, that is according to the evidence. (To the Witness.) Gibson, the Apprentice, had been told by the second officer to go to the chart room to tell you that the vessel had fired altogether eight rockets, or, as you say, several rockets, and that the vessel had disappeared? - Had steamed away. That was the message that I understand was given. 6896. I am putting to you, you know, that what was said was the vessel had disappeared? - No, it was never mentioned, “disappeared,” to me. 6897. What did you think it was firing rockets for? - When? I did not know anything about these rockets until 7 o’clock the next morning. 6898. But you saw one rocket fired? - I heard of one rocket. I did not see it fired. 6899. You heard of one? - Yes. 6900. That was before you went to the chart room? - No, at a quarter-past 1. 6901. Were you on deck then? - No. 6902. Did you remain in the chart room when you were told that a vessel was firing a rocket? - I remained in the chart room when he told me this vessel had fired a rocket. 6903. I do not understand you. You knew, of course, there was danger in this field of ice to steamers? - To a steamer steaming, yes. 6904. You knew there was danger? - Yes. 6905. That is why you stopped? - Yes. 6906. And you knew also that it was desirable, at any rate, to communicate with the “Titanic” to tell her that there was ice? - Yes. 6907. You had done that? - I had done that. 6908. And you knew that this vessel, whatever it was, that you say had stopped? - Had stopped, yes. 6909. I do not understand - it may be my fault? - Shall I explain to you? 6910. What did you think this vessel was firing rockets for? - I asked the second officer. I said, “Is that a company’s signal?” and he said he did not know. 6911. Then that did not satisfy you? - No, it did not. 6912. I mean whatever it was it did not satisfy you that it was a company’s signal? - It did not, but I had no reason to think it was anything else. 6913. (The Commissioner.) That seems odd. You knew that the vessel that was sending up this rocket was in a position of danger? - No, my Lord, I did not. 6914. Well, danger if she moved? - If she moved, yes. 6915. What did you think the rocket was sent up for? - Well, we had been trying to communicate with this steamer by Morse lamp from half-past 11, and she would not reply. 6916. This was a quarter-past one? - Yes, we had tried at intervals from half-past eleven. 6917. What did you think he was sending up a rocket for? - I thought it was acknowledging our signals, our Morse lamp. A good many steamers do not use the Morse lamp. 6918. Have you ever said that before? - That has been my story right through - my impression right along. 6919. (The Attorney-General.) Just let me put this to you. When you asked him whether it was a company’s signal he said he did not know. That would not satisfy you? - No. 6920. Was it then you told him to Morse her and find out what ship it was? - Yes.
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